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Today I have Completed 1 and 1/2 year in SEO

Hi Every body,

Today I have Completed 1 and  1/2 year in SEO Profession..

When I Joined it I was completely unaware about the real meaning and purpose of SEO. There were so many questions in my mind about SEO profession, like scope of SEO, Career growth, future salaries and the most important one is whether it is a good or bad career option for me because there was nobody to guide me about this field and on net I had searched a lot but got different different posts few were +ve and few -ve, so i was just unable to decide what to do. Finally I have chosen SEO and now after 1 and 1/2 year I m fully satisfied with SEO as a career option…

At present I m handling a team in my company..

Is there anyone else who has joined SEO as a career with so much confusion …??

All the best who are willing to join SEO as a career option..!!


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